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Welcome to the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA)

Equine Shiatsu has had a professional organisation since 2002. The Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA) exists to publicise the benefits of Shiatsu on horses and is a support forum for people practising and training in Equine Shiatsu. tESA holds a Register of Practitioners in Scotland England and also Europe who have attained a professional level of expertise in Shiatsu, and has a Code of Ethics to which members must adhere.

You can use this website to find your local practitioner, discover how to train as an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner, read articles by our members and find out about the latest CPD on offer for current practitioners

tESA is on facebook you can also visit YouTube to see two short films made on behalf of tESA.

Introduction to Equine Shiatsu

Equine Shiatsu 2011
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27th/28th September 2014 at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary,Little Farm,Buttsbury Road,near Ingatestone,Essex CM4 9N

Shiatsu and the Fragile Horse

A chance to watch and work with horses that are very elderly, may have advanced symptoms of disease, post operative and the emotionally fragile too.

To begin conference there will be an introduction from the Remus founder and a talk from their vet about they support the horses at Remus and the problems encountered in working with horses that have suffered neglect and trauma.

This will be followed by group workshops to show, and discuss, different approaches to diagnosis and treatments. Within tESA, we have practitioners who come from several schools who each have their own unique way of working. It's all about expanding knowledge, while giving and getting insight into more ways that Shiatsu can benefit the horse

Whether you are a tESA member or not, all are welcome to share a weekend of horses, shiatsu and new ideas.

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What is Shiatsu?

The word "Shi-atsu" in Japanese means "finger pressure" and the basic technique of Shiatsu involves pressure with fingers, thumbs, and palms on areas of pain or sensitivity. Stretches and rotations are also an important part of the treatment which aims to stimulate the body's own self-healing abilities through increased blood circulation, lymphatic fluid movement and the activation of both divisions of the autonomic nervous system. The theories underpinning Shiatsu are those of traditional Oriental Medicine, similar to Acupuncture theory. More about shiatsu
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Five Element Theory and Equine Shiatsu


Fire horses are the "beautiful people". Physically, they are usually quite pretty, but always eye-catching and while they can have good musculature, they tend to be finer or more delicate than a Wood or Water horse.


Earth horses are safe, reliable and dependable. They represent security and support. An Earth horse is grounded. When under stress, this horse is likely to comfort eat and so food has an important part in its life.


Metal horses are associated with strength and accuracy. Metal is precise and as such rules and regulations are important to a Metal horse. These horses are often very polite as it's against the rules and regulations to bite, kick or show extreme behaviour.


Water horses flow. They have good bone structure and easy flowing, effortless movement. Their musculature is good and they usually have good conformation which makes them attractive to look at.


Wood horses have that never-say-die quality. Wood is constantly growing, spreading and looking for ways to move on. Physically Wood horses have great musculature, self-confidence and an air of purpose.